Founded in 1974, the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition (NWBCCC) unites diverse peoples and institutions to fight for racial and economic justice through community organizing to transform the Bronx and beyond.


We Value: Just Work

We envision a community that champions the dignity of labor by guaranteeing that everyone has access to self-sustaining employment, which provides for basic human needs and promotes the development of each individual’s abilities, skills, and creativity.


We Value: The Collective 

We envision the just sharing of the goods of the earth and the creations of human industry, and the wealth and assets they yield, which contribute to a healthy environment and a sustainable economy.  The outside world is embraced with Solidarity, as we recognize the interdependence of our economies, our struggles, and our destinies.


We Value: Pride and Dignity

We envision a community where the diversity of our traditions and our collaborative hands and hearts are celebrated freely and build on our intergenerational strengths.


We Value: Community Determination

We envision a community where all the people of the Bronx become stakeholders, empowered to make decisions that affect them through an inclusive process that creates sustainable neighborhoods with resilient economies.  


We Value: Equity

We envision a community where privileged and marginalized groups work together to transform systems for the just redistribution of wealth and decision-making.


We Value: Love

We envision a community where the well-being of all its diverse members is the first and most important factor when making decisions, without exclusion or social division.  

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