Launched in 1983, our Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) works with landlords to invest in the structural health and safety of their buildings. This work undoes the effects of redlining that denied them access to loans for capital improvements, reduces their buildings’ environmental impact, and enhances the Bronx economy.

WAP installs measures in Bronx households with incomes at or below 60% of state median income, especially homes occupied by the elderly, persons with disabilities, and children. Weatherization improvements in rental housing are not subject to Major Capital Improvement rent increases, serving to improve and maintain safe, affordable housing for area residents with limited income. As a result, WAP helps reduce energy consumption, reduces carbon emissions that contribute to climate change, lessens the impact of higher energy costs, and improves the health of our community.


Installed measures include:

  • heating and domestic hot water system upgrades

  • replacement of apartment windows

  • roof, sidewall, and pipe insulation

  • electrical fixture upgrades in apartments and public areas

  • replacement of inefficient refrigerators with Energy-Star-rated units

  • air-sealing measures like weatherstripping, door sweeps, and caulking

  • installation of “low-cost” measures in apartments, such as compact fluorescent bulbs or LEDs, smart-strips, low-flow faucet and shower fixtures, smoke and CO detectors, and radiator vents

  • and replacing unsafe heating systems


In addition to installed measures, households receive education materials that include cost-saving energy and water conservation practices, as well as health and safety-related awareness, including the hazardous effects of poor indoor air quality, mold, and lead paint hazards.

WAP builds the local economy through training and employing Bronx residents as professional energy auditors. We also contract with local vendors, especially state-certified Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE), wherever possible.

Highlighted Accomplishments

  1. By 2011, NWBCCC weatherized over 1800 low-income units with ARRA funding.