Located in one of the most affluent yet unequal and segregated cities, the Bronx has some of the worst health outcomes in the nation. We know this reality is not by mistake but by design.

In response, NWBCCC is committed to creating health equity for poor and working-class people of color in the Bronx. Our Health Justice Committee builds democratic community power to address the root causes of health disparities and promote holistic physical, mental, and social well being. We are shifting policy and investment to ensure access to quality healthcare for all, promote preventative healthcare, and build economic development that encourages community wellness.

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Local Work

Community-led Health Action Planning

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We train Bronx residents to identify the root causes, or social and economic drivers, of poor health outcomes and health disparities beyond individual choice. We then build leadership in local residents to develop community health action plans that address systemic barriers.

In addition, we partnered with NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Hester Street Collaborative to develop a model for participatory community health planning, as part of Take Care NY, a citywide initiative to eliminate health disparities and inequity. Through this model, Northwest Bronx residents identified violence as a top barrier to health and are implementing a plan to address its economic roots through local job creation, training, and apprenticeship programs.


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Communities Together for Health Equity

Through Communities Together for Health Equity, we bring community to the table, in order to drive decision making as New York State redesigns healthcare delivery to reinvest in Medicaid, focus on preventative care, and reduce avoidable hospital visits. In 2016, this coalition secured $2.5 million in State funds to strategically plan with community organizations across NYC about how this process can resource their critical expertise on public health and wellness.

In addition, NWBCCC co-leads the Bronx Borough Hub to ensure that the experiences and priorities of poor and working-class communities of color in the Bronx direct investment in solutions that make healthcare sustainable and equitable.

Bronx Healthcare Coalition

As a member of the Bronx Healthcare Coalition, we work with community members, healthcare unions, and advocates to fight for equitable and quality healthcare access for all in the Bronx, and Medicare for all in New York State.

Highlighted Victories

  • In 2015, we passed the School Toxins Disclosure Act (Intro 126), which requires the Department of Education to immediately notify parents and staff when it discovers contamination in NYC schools and keep them informed of clean up plans. We also mandated and oversaw the successful clean up of a toxic former school site through the NY State Brownfield Program.

  • In 2014, we worked with labor and health advocates to reopen the Labor and Delivery Unit in North Central Bronx Hospital, and secured $600,000 of City Council investment to renovate the facility.

  • In 1997, our former Crotona Community Coalition opened the Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center, a community-run, health and wellness center. The center provides nutrition, arts, and athletic classes; organizes for community recreation, gardens, employment, and safety; and remains active in our Health Justice Committee.