The Bronx has a legacy of both cultural and entrepreneurial innovation and marginalization from economic planning processes. At NWBCCC, we believe our community has the talent and expertise to build a Bronx where all can thrive. We design and put into action policy and tools to make that a reality. We mobilize our community to vision, plan, and demand development that reinvests in our people holistically.  We aim to set a new standard across the city and nation for development that puts the needs of our people and our planet first.

Local Work

Kingsbridge Armory Redevelopment Alliance

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For over two decades, NWBCCC has spearheaded the campaign for development at the Kingsbridge Armory that invests holistically in our community’s ability to thrive. Through the Kingsbridge Armory Redevelopment Alliance (KARA), we mobilized faith institutions and neighborhood residents to shut down a proposal for a poverty-wage mall. It was the first time the City Council voted down a development deal backed by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Together, with 25 community organizations, we then won a historic Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) with the Kingsbridge National Ice Center that includes:

  • Living Wage jobs for all employees or independent contractors;

  • 51% of jobs and procurement designated for Bronx residents, and 51% of procurement reserved for Minority and/or Women Owned Businesses;

  • 52,000 square feet of community space, with the developer investing 8 million dollars in the build out;

  • A comprehensive Green Action Plan to continuously improve the environmental impact of the project;

  • Free access to ice rinks for Bronx Title 1 schools and community-based organizations;

  • A technical assistance fund for local small business;

  • And a commitment to no big-box retail or supermarkets within the development.

Our CBA also established a Community Advisory Council as a legal oversight body to ensure the terms of the CBA are enforced. Plus, KARA and the CBA signatories continue to engage the community to ensure that our people shape every step of the process as the project develops.

From design and approval to construction and management, we look to bring the community’s voice and vision to every stage of development of this and other projects in the Bronx.

Small Business Protections


Small business owners are essential to the fabric of our neighborhoods. They sustain families, build our local economy, and enrich the culture of our community. In partnership with the Kingsbridge Merchants Association, we organize with small business owners along the Kingsbridge commercial corridor to leverage legal and city-wide resources and community support to defend against harassment and negotiate fair leases that sustain them for the long haul.   

North Bronx Community Land Trust

NWBCCC is bringing new tools to the Bronx to safeguard affordable housing for residents and commercial space for small businesses, and build shared wealth and collective governance over community land.

As the majority of our residents are renters burdened by ever-increasing costs, they have little control over deteriorating housing conditions and an aging housing stock. Additionally, local small businesses have seen the loss of long-term leases alongside increasing rents, resulting in serious displacement pressures. In response, our Community Land Trust (CLT) will facilitate long-term sustainability, community-driven planning, equitable development, and land stewardship that prevents displacement.

Our CLT will build grassroots leadership to fortify the community in five key areas:

  1. Identifying new development opportunities;

  2. Working with local organizations on joint development;

  3. Stewarding land for long-term affordability;

  4. Arranging economies of scale and other cost-saving measures across housing, commercial, and industrial spaces on CLT land;

  5. And organizing support for local organizations interested in sponsoring CLT-linked Mutual Housing Associations.


Bronx-wide Development without Displacement

We expand on each of these principles with policy recommendations for community, government, and businesses to make this vision real. View our Bronx-wide Development Without Displacement Principles and Action Steps here.

United for small business nyc

We work with legal, advocacy, and community groups across the city to turn the tide against displacement of small businesses as landlords aim to make way for higher-paying tenants. We fight to protect the jobs, community spaces, affordable resources, and wealth these small businesses root in our neighborhoods.

Through our coalition’s organizing efforts, we passed the City’s first commercial tenant anti-harassment legislation, enabling small business owners to take legal action to recover property, attorney fees, and damages when landlords harass them. We also continue to forward a comprehensive platform to safeguard small businesses, including funding for legal services, protection for immigrant business owners and workers, a non-profit commercial development fund, and penalties for landlords who warehouse vacant commercial properties. Learn more about the United for Small Business platform here.

Highlighted Victories

  • In 2016, we worked with groups across the city to pass the City’s first commercial tenant anti-harassment legislation.

  • In 2013, the Kingsbridge National Ice Center and 26 community groups, brought together under KARA, signed an unprecedented and legally-binding Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) at the Kingsbridge Armory. The CBA has been declared the most progressive agreement of its kind signed anywhere in the country to date.

  • In 2012, after we joined with groups across the city to form the Living Wage NYC coalition, the City Council passed the Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act, mandating that any development project that accepts $1 million or more in government subsidies must pay workers a living wage.

  • In 2009, we successfully organized the City Council to vote “no” to the Related Companies poverty-wage mall proposal for the Kingsbridge Armory, overriding the Mayor’s veto.

  • In 2003, we successfully pressured New York City and State to allocate $31 million for renovations to the Kingsbridge Armory’s deteriorating roof and windows.